Fukune Narukara

Fukune Narukara is a clarinetist genius and the main female protagonist. The clarinet she owns was a gift given to her by her father. She is a shy girl who forms a close relationship with Taketo after he attempts to interview her for the Newspaper Circle. Although she knows Taketo is an author, she does not know that he writes erotic fiction. Fukune is an seemly awkward person to talk to because she doesn't reply often during conversation. Fukune has a tendency read things aloud whenever she sees them, even repeating what she hears whilst asleep. Fukune's father is also a famous clarinetist, who she tries her best to live up to in his expectations through constant practice, leaving little time to socialize. She also seems to have developed feelings for Taketo as time went on and getting flustered when he compliments her by saying he likes her music.[[Category:Genius

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